Back to the Future: The Pantomime returns

Following our incredibly successful critically acclaimed 2008 production, “Back to the Future: The Pantomime” returns to the Edinburgh fringe for 2012.

You thought you knew all about panto? Men dressed as women, women dressed as men, some unfortunate in the back end of a cow suit and a full chorus of “he’s behind you”. The same stories rewritten year upon year, isn’t it time for something new? Great Scott! Fire up the flux capacitor! After our Fringe sell-out success with “The Matrix: The Pantomime”, Two Shades of Blue present the ultimate in modern panto, “Back to the Future: The Pantomime”.

We’ve found in the past few years that sci-fi and pantomime are under represented, so in one glorious melange, we invite you to join us as Marty McFly, our principal boy, goes back in time with the aid of his friend Dr Emetic Brown. Lacking the budget for a DeLorean, Doc has built a time machine out of… a tandem bicycle! Having tested it on his loyal companion, Einstein the Pantomime Cow, Marty ends up back in the year 1955 and must find his way back to the future but making sure his father falls in love with his mother, the pantomime dame and… oh, you get the idea.

To book tickets for the pantomimic event of the near future, visit the fringe website.