My Bio

Hi everyone!

I’m Emma, and I’ve had a little more cider than is entirely good for me. I was up in Edinburgh 2006 (Paradox: Set Phasers to Pun) and 2007 (Xenu is Loose: Cower Puny Humans as the Dark Prince of the Galactic Confederation Rains Atomic Death upon your Pitiful Planet – the Musical), and am exceedingly glad to be back up there again. There’s nothing quite like it; as a goth, I love to migrate north for the summer, and as a shameless thesp I love the chance to perform to an international audience. I am a secret Librarian and not-so-secret Radical Queer Feminist Burlesque Superstar.

1. What’s your favourite type of cake?


2. If you were a fairytale character or creature, who or what would you be and why?

Ursula the Sea Witch is, I feel, a much unfairly maligned character. But, clearly, I am in fact Lady Sebastienne Stardust of Lashings of Ginger Beer.

3. What would you find in Room 101?

People who don’t listen to each other with empathy and compassion. Also, blue cheese. But mostly, I fear nothing – not even Morris Dancing!