Ideas, scripts and sketches for Edinburgh 2012!

Have an idea for the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe? Well Two Shades of Blue wants to hear about it!

This year we want to put together an awesome programme for Edinburgh 2012 and we’d like your help to do it! If you have any ideas or suggestions then please send them in to Whether you’ve got a full length script hidden away in a cupboard somewhere, some sketches lying about on the floor or just an amazing idea written down on a post-it note then please tell us. Although Two Shades is known for it’s “X The Pantomime!” style shows we’re willing to consider anything as long as it’s lightly entertaining–the main criteria is that the show is fun to do!

Please do send in everything you’ve got ASAP–although we’re always up for recieving ideas we would like to know what we’re doing for 2012 early in the new year so would like ideas in by the end of 2011. When you email please send in everything you’ve got, be it scenes, character lists, a synopsis or even a full script–the more we know of your idea the better. Also feel free to think outside the box with your ideas, while Two Shades tend to put on full length shows written by the company we’re open to anything including revivals, sketch shows or even “properly” written plays–if you think it’s a good idea then let us know whatever it is. Resubimssions from previous years are also good, we have in the past taken resubmitted shows and one of our best ever sellers was a resubmission!

To help with this we’re going to be running a series of informal gatherings where we can socialise, talk about ideas and find out about the process. These will be in:

– SHEFFIELD during the afternoon of Saturday 19th November, room TBC

– CAMBRIDGE from 5pm on Saturday 19th November at the HoLE

– LONDON on the afternoons of Sunday 20th and Sunday 27th at the PIE


Remember: send your ideas to