Batman!! Holy Spoof Musical Batstravaganza


Will the caped crusader rescue Gotham from evil supervillains? Will he and Robin ever make it to the zoo? And will there be Bat-peas for dinner? Kapow! Whoosh! Splat!

The supervillains of Gotham have escaped, each of them with an insidious plot to take down the city… at the same time. The Riddler is trying his hand at the horrors of haiku. Poison Ivy stops at nothing to seduce the innocent. Two-Face is in two very vocal minds about where to rob first. Mr Freeze is unleashing pun after terrible pun. And as for the Joker… you don’t even want to know. The city is in peril; this can only be a job for Batman and… hang on, Robin’s done what?

Check out this video of The Bat Rap, one of the many awesome songs in the show, expertly cut together by co-writer Marcus-Garner Hatcher.

Fringe Sell Out Show 2010From the company that wowed previous Edinburgh fringe festivals with the sell-out shows, “The Matrix: The Pantomime”, “Back to the Future: The Pantomime”, “Sherlock Holmes and the Sound of the Baskervilles” and other critical successes at the Edinburgh fringe, you’d be mad to miss this one. Tickets are selling like hot bat-cakes, so secure yours today!

Dates: 23rd – 29th August

Time: 14.50

Ticket price: £8.50 – £9.50 (£7.50 – £8.50 concessions)

Tickets can be booked from or directly from the venue on 0131 510 0022 from June 10th.