And so rehearsal week begins!

Hey ho there,

Gill here – the TSOB Producer for this year. I’m currently enjoying a lovely gin as the cast of The Way Through The Woods cook lasagne for dinner after a hard day at work rehearsing. Rehearsal week for the show officially began yesterday, so my house is now overrun with actors – I’ll leave that to you to decide whether or not that’s an awesome thing! Everything seems to be going well so far (fingers crossed) – we’ve had a lot of fun with the *truly terrifying* masks for the spirits, we’ve learnt a lot about the characters’ backstories and they all now have names. Today was Director Cara’s birthday so Will O. Wisp and the Witch Queen tried to cook her a cake in secret – it appears they managed even though she appeared in the kitchen demanding tea while it was baking!

Anyway – I’ll get the cast to do some video blogs this week (perhaps some of them in character!), but for now I’ll leave you with this wonderful video of the third time (pretty much) that we got everyone to sing through the spirits’ song.

Gill x