The Scotsman gives Sound of the Baskervilles a FOUR STAR review!

From The Scotsman

“Two Shades of Blue’s comedic interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic horror is fresh and entertaining.
“Miss Marple is aiming to break up the illustrious duo to prevent herself being demoted from the ranks of Britain’s foremost detectives and the pair must set out to prevent Watson being framed for the murder of one of the aristocratic Baskervilles.
“The absence of the traditional hound is hardly noticed, it being replaced by song, humour and some fantastic acting throughout. Watson flits seamlessly from narrator to participant, and the chemistry between him and Holmes is a constant source of entertainment.
“However, this show is far from being solely about the lead characters: the remainder of the cast play excellent roles, most notable the ingeniously conceived Miss Marple. A Women’s Institute member gone wrong, her mannerisms, scheming and terrific voice add flavour to the story.
“It is disappointing that this unique show in the restricted but intimate Vault is unlikely to be seen by a wider audience.”
Mark McKinlay.