Awesome ideas and scripts wanted!

Do you have an awesome idea for a show you’d like to be produced at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this year, or indeed some other place in the future?

Well Two Shades of Blue wants to hear about it! Two Shades of Blue are a lightly entertaining theatre group who’ve produced around 20 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe for more than 10 years, with cast and crew mostly comprising of lightly entertaining folk from Oxford, Cambridge, Sheffield, London and beyond.

We already have some plans for an awesome programme for 2018 and we’d like your help to make it better! If you have any ideas or suggestions then please send them to Whether you’ve got a full length script hidden away in a cupboard somewhere, some sketches lying about on the floor or just an amazing idea written down on a post-it note then please tell us. We’re willing to consider anything as long as it’s lightly entertaining–the main criteria is that the show is fun to do! For an idea of the sort of shows we’ve took up in the past, please see the website.

Please do reply ASAP- time is getting short for this year’s Edinburgh fringe. When you email please send in everything you’ve got, be it scenes, character lists, a synopsis or even a full script–the more we know of your idea the better. Also feel free to be creative with your ideas, while Two Shades tend to put on full length shows written by the company we’re open to anything including revivals, sketch shows or even “properly” written plays–if you think it’s a good idea then let us know whatever it is. Resubmissions from previous years are also good, we have in the past taken resubmitted shows and one of our best ever sellers was a resubmission!

We are also looking for a production team to help produce these awesome shows. If you are good at organising, or want some great experience for the CV, get in touch.

As usual, we will be funding other productions as well, so if you know someone who is taking a show to Edinburgh and just needs a bit of support and maybe some money, take a look at this page

Remember: send your ideas to