The way to The Way Through the Woods

It’s now our seventh day rehearsing in London, and d’you know what? We’re awesome.

Everything is coming together very well for tomorrow’s preview. We’ve just done a dress run-through, and while I’d normally be wondering if ‘mind-blowing’ was too strong a word, I’m now worrying that it isn’t strong enough.

The orchestra, who are fantastic, joined us yesterday, and there’s something very aptly transformative about watching the cast change while the orchestra rehearse. Ed’s score is coming to life like a tantalising and beautiful monster, that makes even behind-the-scenes mundanity seem eerily fairytale.

Our Spirits have since turned into monsters of a more terrifying variety, and have acquired some gorgeous masks, which look a little less than pretty when they‘re on.

Surprisingly enough, considering how close we are to the preview, everyone seems chilled and relaxed.

Other non-rehearsal things we’ve done have included making the magic mirror in the garden, then leaving the tools out in the rain. Which is how we came to realise that we shouldn’t leave tools in the garden in the rain. But the mirror is finished, and looks great. And is safe from rain.

A few things are still being performed around understudies, absent cast members and a few missing instruments, but of this will be rectified tomorrow, when we’ll have some degree of lights and tech, a full cast, and an almost-full orchestra. Even with reduced people, everything is going phenomenally well, and can only get better at the dress rehearsal and preview tomorrow.

All that remains is to turn what’s good into something perfect. Anyone coming to see the preview is in for a fantastic evening, and Edinburgh is not going to know what hit ‘em.

The Way Through the Woods preview will be performed at Trinity Church in Harrow, at 7pm, at a cost of £5.00 per ticket.

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Photographers: Lotty Spurrel and Jonny Mew