So for our next silly project, Two Shades are taking a JOYOUS, FABULOUS and altogether WONDERFUL pantomime to the heart of Europe!!

Sounds like a crazy idea? Well, yes! But what could be more fun than the chance to bring panto to a whole new world? And speaking of whole new worlds, the citizens of Luxembourg are to be treated to a traditional performance of ALADDIN!

So with glorious goodies, evil baddies, magic carpets (which will save the cast money on air-fares), a beautiful princess, a mysterious old lamp and a dashing hero (and his lovely mum), Luxembourg had better get ready for their first panto in seven years – and it’s going to be a cracker!!

And what’s even lovelier is that we’ll be performing in partnership with the two local English-language theatre companies, Pirate Productions and the New World Theatre Company. How awesome is that! And they even have a marvellous lady called Pam who has said she’d handle our ticket sales…so if you’d like one, drop an email to !