Not half-baked…

Not half-bad either. Yesterday the cast of ‘Comedy and Cake’ put in an amazing day of intensive rehearsal with sterling work done on choreographing to big song and dance numbers, and the show coming on apace musically as well.

It was a day of much hard work and much joy culminating in a semi off-book run of the show to see how we were doing for time and things. Performing on the patio in Herne Hill we even had a small audience (well an audient) looking over the wall, who seemed to enjoy it. We a few stoppages and hesitations, mainly due to being tired and not quite knowing lines etc we barely over-ran on time and it looks set to be a very strong show indeed.

I was astonished by how well things are beginning to come together. Obviously there’s still work to be done and things need to be solidified, but wow. Edinburgh here we come.


  1. *sniff* I wish I could have been involved… Anyway, really glad to hear it’s going well, and I’m sure both shows will be a great success!